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MIX 30 ™
MIX 30 ™ liquid feed is specifically designed as an alternative to the more common urea/molasses based liquid feeds. MIX 30 ™ is made entirely from corn or soy fat.
This unique combination of ingredients results in a palatable, consistent, nutrient rich product that supplies a combination of both protein and energy. Because of its unique design, MIX 30 ™ can be utilized in a wide variety of feeding situations.

  • Provides a readily available source of nutrients for cattle on low quality forages.
  • Supplies a source of non-starch carbohydrate compaitble with forage microbes.
  • Supplies a judicious combination of protein and energy to enhance microbial protein synthesis.
  • Improves protein/energy imbalances typically present in high quality forages.
  • Provides a concentrated source of linoleic fatty acid, to enhance reproduction and calf survivability.
  • Serves as a tool to help alleviate the effects of high endophyte fescue.
  • Provides a free-choice feed source that can be utilized with minimal labor requirements.
  • Serves as a ration conditioner for reducing dust and enhancing ration palatability.
  • Supplies a source of vegetable fat in a form that is exceptionally easy to handle.
  • Provides fat for finishing rations to increase diet energy density for proper fattening.
  • Provides a supplemental source of protein & energy as a calf creep when necessary.
  • Provides vegetable fat in the milk cow ration to increase diet energy density.
  • Provides a palatable source of ammonium chloride for alleviating milk fever problems and urinary calculi problems.
  • Provides economical source of protein and energy for dairy heifers, sheep, goat, and bull developing rations.
  • Serves as a texturizer to enhance the quality of grain mixes, pellets or cubes.


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Neutralizing Fescue Toxicity
Neutralizing Fescue Toxicity

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